REAL 9100 EL Eye Clinic chair

Handkontroll med sladd, KlinikThe REAL 9100 EL Eye clinic chair must meet the majority of needs that an eye clinic has. The chair is flexible and functional, while at the same time being stable and safe. The REAL Eye clinic chair also offers a long lifetime with a minimum need for maintenance.

Our narrowest PLUS base is only 43 cm wide and 53 cm deep. It is the only clinic base on the market that is narrow enough to manage all types of examination tables, whatever their width.

We have focused on your working environment. That is why we have made the chair safe for patients, while at the same time flexible and easy to use for you. The REAL Eye clinic chair has a 28 cm electrical lifting range that is controlled from the arm rest or by a remote control. The remove control gives the physician/nurse the opportunity to control the chair, even at distance. The REAL 9100 EL Eye clinic chair also offers electric seat tilt (it can be tilted both backwards and forwards). The chair can be fitted with more electrical functions, (e.g. electric brake) in order to make examinations more efficient. Everything can be controlled from the remote control.