An X-ray chair is subject to strict demands from doctors, nurses and patients. In order to carry out an examination with the patient in a seated position, the chair must be functional and easy to adjust.

The X-ray chair must also work well with X-ray equipment in general. Furthermore, if the chair is comfortable and can offer the patient an ergonomically correct position, the examination can be completed more quickly. The design of the chair must be stable for the patient’s safety, while at the same time be easy for the staff to manoeuvre.

The REAL 8100 X-RAY chair is an electrically operated chair adapted for use in connection with X-rays. The chair is made in Sweden and has been designed with a focus on ergonomics, function and flexibility. The chair is comfortable, stable and easy to operate. A remote control is used to adjust the electric height setting of no less than 28 cm. This gives staff the freedom to adjust the chair even at a distance.