Mercado Medic 50 years

1971 – 2021

    This year, Mercado Medic AB celebrates 50 years

Mercado Medic AB (formerly Mercado Rehab AB) was founded in 1971 by Mr. Åke G du Rées, who developed a REAL work chair during the 1960s. Åke had noted a need for a product that was something in between an office chair and a wheelchair. The REAL chair, in the form of REAL 9000 PLUS, is still the company’s main product.

From the beginning, our policy has been to offer products where the key words are Function, Safety, Quality and Flexibility. Virtually all production takes place in-house at Mercado Production in Halmstad/Sweden, and all key components are manufactured in modern machine tools at the head office on Lidingö/Sweden.

We have maintained our market-leading position in the Medical Technology Chairs niche through close collaboration with our customers. Mercado is constantly evolving and has now reached a turnover of over 100 million SEK / year, and is active in many different niches and geographical markets.

We are constantly working to improve existing products, as well as develop new, then with great focus manufacturing methods. Mercado would like to thank all customers for a good collaboration over the years, and believes in a continued bright future, where we can continue to help people with different functional disabilities to a better life!