Freedom of choice to individually adapt the REAL-chairs

In order to adapt a chair to every single user there has to be available a wide and carefully designed range of options and accessories. By providing many alternatives and accessories to the REAL-chairs we can let the user’s needs determine the design of every chair.

The majority of the REAL-chairs have a possibility of options among different types of seat and back slants, alternative sizes for the seat and the back, different kinds of wheels, lift-pillars as well as a wide range of various functional accessories.

The chairs are provided in plush, artificial leather, manchester or ESD-fabric (anti-static). There are also available various practical and beautiful machine-washable coverings to the corresponding upholstery details. An individually adapted chair provides possibilities to live an active life at home, at school or at work.

Should you be interested in a special adaption of a chair or in accessories – do not hesitate to contact us for advice.