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  • New extra low electrical seat height

    Mercado can now present a new extra low electrical seat height. The travel is 15 cm. The electrical seat heigt has been developed mainly for shorter adults and children with the need to reach even lower seat heights than what has been available.

    It is now possible to get as far down as 32 cm (without seat tilt). This new seat height is available for REAL 9000 PLUS Elextrical as well as REAL 6100 PLUS. Article no804369 Electric height adjustment 15 cm 12 V fits REAL 9000 PLUS Electrical whilst article no 804414 Electrical height adjustment 15 cm 24V fits REAL 6100 PLUS.

  • Smaller foldable table for REAL 9000

    Fällbara bord, TA1015, TA1035

    Mercado can now offer smaller, foldable table for REAL 9000 PLUS Child and REAL 6100 PLUS Child. The table is 45 cm by 37 cm (W x D) and has been developed to fit mainly for small children who have a need for our smallest seat sizes. The table comes in two models.

    Article no TA1015 fits our none foldable PLUS-armrest whilst article no TA1035 fits our foldable armrests.